GV Developmental Clinic

Ph: (03) 5858-1757


We provide formal assessments of:
- achievement/learning: WIAT (age 4:0-50:11 yrs)
- anxiety & depression
- attention/concentration (including ADHD)
- autism spectrum: Medicare rebates are available for up to 4 allied health assessment items, up to the age of 13 years; for additional information about our Autism Spectrum assessment services, please go to the next page.
- behaviour
- cognitive: WISC (age 6:0-16:11 yrs) & WAIS (age 16:00-90:11 yrs)
- developmental
- feeding difficulties
- language: expressive, receptive, pragmatic and articulation
- post-traumatic stress
- vocational
- work potential.

Assessment Reports can be provided for private, clinical, educational and/or other third party purposes, including:
- comprehensive Autism Spectrum assessment reports for diagnostic and treatment purposes
- assessment summary reports for the Department of Education & Training (DET) Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) for funding purposes.

***We do not provide reports for family court and/or legal purposes. If you require an assessment report for legal purposes, please find a Forensic Psychologist here.